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ARX Super Splitter Duo

ARX Super Splitter Duo

2 x XLR inn, 2 x 3 XLR ut
ARX's new SuperSplitter is a transformer isolated one input to three outputs passive splitter. It is ideal for splitting one audio signal three ways in applications where complete Galvanic isolation is required. Galvanic Isolation using a transformer is the classic method used to prevent Ground Loops and Hums, providing Noiseless Signal routing, Broadcast Split feeds, Remote Recording splits and many more applications.
The SuperSplitter allows Phantom powering of Microphones and Direct Boxes via the Direct Out to Input XLR, and features 3 XLR direct & Isolated outputs.
Input and Direct output are directly connected via an internal "loop through", allowing +48 VDC Phantom power to pass through the unit to Phantom power Microphones and DI Boxes
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