Vestel UHM 65" D-LED, 4K, 16/7, 400 nits

2xHDMI,DVI,DP in/out, OPS,BT,Miracast



Vestel UHM 65" E-LED 4K Skjerm

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  • System-On-Chip for Content Management
    Designed with quad core SoC technology (System on Chip), these displays can be used as digital signage monitors for both offline and cloud-based managed content. This means that you can rely on various content management systems to help display your advertising.


    External Device Connections
    You may want to connect your teleconference system, screen sharing system, set-top box or external PCs via an HDMI port. To this end, our monitors offer HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) and HDMI Hotplug capabilities.

    USB Auto-Play
    To make it easy to display any media on screen, the monitors’ SoC software offers the option of a USB Auto-play feature, which can automatically show all your photos and video content.

    Built for Connectivity
    Due to their wireless capabilities, the displays can easily gather content without any external device. Moreover, their WiFi connection enables you to use Miracast for screen sharing.


    Daisy Chain
    Mirror content across multiple displays, using a single connection between every two devices. Offering both DisplayPort input and output, these daisy-chainable monitors can be set up as a video wall.

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