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SHARP 90" LED Skjerm Pro 700cd/m²

SHARP 90" LED Skjerm Pro 700cd/m²

SHARP PN-R903 90 Tommer LCD Skjerm

24/7 Drift



Clearly colossal, Sharp’s PN-R903 boasts an ultra-large 90-inch screen that towers seamlessly above other professional LCD monitors in size, quality, and impact. With its full-HD resolution, brilliant image quality, and streamlined profile, this premium professional LCD monitor was designed to lead the large-format digital signage market. Local dimming of the LED backlight partnered with 700 cd/m2 brightness keep the PN-R903 well ahead of the pack, ensuring outstanding energy efficiency and high-contrast images that multiply the awe factor.
High Impact
Sized for eye-grabbing impact, Sharp’s new large-screen LCD monitor boasts a towering 90" screen big enough to
showcase realistic life-size images. This pro-quality LCD colossus excels in a variety of indoor venues, including
retail locations, educational institutes, conference rooms, and public spaces. Incorporating a single, seamless
screen, this monitor makes an unforgettable impact on any audience.
High Contrast
For its outstanding black levels, amazing contrast, and superb energy efciency, this large-screen LCD monitor owes much to local dimming of its LED backlight. Local dimming allows specic groups of LEDs to be independently dimmed or brightened
for greater control of the darkness and brightness in different areas of the monitor, resulting in considerably reduced power consumption. That’s why this model can deliver signicantly better contrast and brightness than conventional LCD monitors while using remarkably less power.
Breathtaking Image Quality
The 90" class LCD panel incorporates Sharp’s UV2A* technology, which ensures highly efcient use of light from the backlight and prevents light leakage. The result: truly bright whites and extremely deep blacks. The panel also boasts a full-array LED backlight, in which LED elements are evenly positioned across the entire panel to give on-screen images remarkably uniform brightness.

* UV2A stands for Ultraviolet-induced Multi-domain Vertical Alignment, a photo-alignment technology that ensures uniform alignment of liquid crystal molecules.

Interface Expansion
A standard-equipped interface expansion board gives the monitor a comprehensive range of input/output jacks, including the DisplayPort interface.

Choice of Installation Mode
This LCD monitor offers a choice of landscape or portrait installation, allowing customers to select the mode that best suits
their display content and application. While portrait installation offers the look and impact of a poster, landscape installation puts wide images on vivid display.

24/7 Operation
Built solid, the 90" class monitor is ideal for use in 24-hour stores and in other demanding professional applications that require around-the-clock operation seven days a week.

Other Key Features
• Built-in speakers
• Dual-screen display
• Enlarge (zoom) display mode
• Mirror display mode (daisy chain
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