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4 x 150W, Dante
High efficient Class D technology.
150W x 4 output at 4 / 8 Ohm loads.300W x 2 output at 70V or 100V. Output selection: 4Ohm, 8Ohm, 70V, 100V.Zone1/Zone2 LED status: Green: Active, Off: Standby mode, Red: Protect modeTerminal Block analog audio inputs (4 Channel input).Selection for Power-On mode: Auto, Always ON, Remote.
FEATURESwitch for High Pass Filter.Remote STANDBY control.Amplifier status output.Standby mode activated after 15 minutes of no signal and comply with Energy Star Power consumption limits of < 0.5W.Protection: Short circuit, Overheating.Built-in cooling fan.Optional accessory card slot for Dante Receiver.
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kr 20 687,50Pris
MVA Inkludert
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