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JTS TG-98T/CM-201S Tourguide sender

JTS TG-98T/CM-201S Tourguide sender

Inkl. CM-201 myggmikrofon, 637-674MHz
The TG-series Tour Guide System provides listening assistance
 to not only tourists but also to all people who needs to
 choose a source or a language from the many.     * TG-98 is a wide band tour guide system with 36 MHz bandwidth.
 * Preset 6 groups each of up to 23 channels.
 * Maximum operation distance 200 meters with antenna version and at 20mW
 RF output.
 * Transmission power selectable
 * Built in limit switch of audio output
 * Line In at TX and Line Out at RX, ready for video camera.
 * Built in speaker at RX and microphone at TX.
 * Adjustable Power Auto Off at RX to save battery power
 * Low battery alarm
 * RF Strength gauge
 * Panel lock
 * Mute Function (TX)
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