MediaLink Plus Controller - Decorator-Style Wallplate

Extron MLC 82 EU

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  • The MLC Plus 84 EU is an easy-to-use, two-gang Ethernet controller that controls common AV functions such as power, input selection, and volume. As part of the new MediaLink Plus Series, the MLC Plus 84 EU is designed with more powerful features and enhanced security. It has nine backlit soft touch buttons, a volume control knob, and a variety of ports and inputs, including a remote volume control port for use with select Extron amplifiers. It is Extron’s first pushbutton controller to support Ethernet control of a wide range of AV devices. Power over Ethernet allows the controller to receive power and communication over a single Ethernet cable. The MLC Plus 84 EU mounts in a two gang size European junction box.


    The MLC Plus 84 EU is configured using Extron Global Configurator Plus or Global Configurator Professional software. It also integrates seamlessly with Extron’s award-winning GlobalViewer® Enterprise software for complete AV resource monitoring, management, and control over a computer network. The MediaLink Plus family of controllers supports popular Web browsers and the Extron Control App.

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