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BRITEQ BT-NONAMOVE Bevegelig Blinder

BRITEQ BT-NONAMOVE Bevegelig Blinder

9x 60W CW/WW LEDs + RGB Glow
This new moving yoke unleashes totally new potential for the already very impressive BT-NONABEAM!
It turns the static BT-NONABEAM into an extremely powerful moving show projector, ready for the biggest shows on the planet!
It takes less than a minute and no tools to install the projector on the BT-NONAMOVE.
No configurations needed: intelligent communication between both units ensures a seamless transformation into a completely new product.
Extremely powerful 3-phase motors assure fast, noiseless and accurate 16bit PAN/TILT movements.
Combined DMX-control for both units: 18 + 34 + 50 channels. (+ special 5ch mode)
Advanced and fully transparent RDM-communication.
An optional MIRROR-adapter turns the BT-NONAMOVE into a double-sided 46x20cm moving mirror:
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