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9x 60W CW/WW LEDs + RGB Glow
This impressive new projector is developed for use on big concert stages, TV-studios, …
The 9 big lenses are each equipped with 60W CW/WW LEDs that produce powerful narrow white 4° beams. (full on: 175’000 lux @3m)
In a very short time several projectors can be mechanically mounted together to create dynamic “light curtain” effects with unsurpassed power !
The LEDs can be individually controlled to produce tunable white beams, ranging from warm 3000K with high CRI to 6500K cold white.
Very powerful RGB-LEDs light up the black front panel in any desired color.
The units includes 2 extra front panels that can be swapped easily:
The white front panel is used to produce very bright and saturated RGB “glow effects”
The semi-transmissible “mirror” front panel creates
kr 33 033,75Pris
MVA Inkludert
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