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Audix M55WD hanging 12mm Condenser Mic

Audix M55WD hanging 12mm Condenser Mic

Dante, LED status indicator
The M55WD is an innovative, hanging ceiling microphone system designed for applications where aesthetics, sound quality, and ease of installation are critical. All electronics are fully integrated with high sensitivity and low noise. The signal output is balanced to eliminate RF interference caused by cell phones and mobile devices. Dual-color LEDs indicate status.Installing the M55 requires just one 5/8-inch hole in the ceiling, with no additional tools needed. The M55’s mounting hardware easily adjusts the hanging height up to four feet from the ceiling surface without removing ceiling tiles and allows for fingertip height adjustment. Optimized for voice recognitionLow-noise preamp circuitryImmunity from RF interferenceTwo-color LED status indicatorRJ45 connec
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