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Yamaha MY8-SDI-ED Ekspansjon

Yamaha MY8-SDI-ED Ekspansjon

HD-/SD-SDI embed/de-embed card
8-Channel HD-SDI/SD-SDI Embedder/De-embedder Interface Card       4x BNC connectors: 1x HD-/SD-SDI input, 2x HD-/SD-SDI output (same signal), 1x HD-/SD-SDI thru output (relocked)  Can de-embed up to two of the 4 audio groups (4 channels per group: total 8 channels) embedded in a HD-SDI signal  Can embed 2 audio groups into an HD-/SD-SDI signal for output  LED audio status display     The MY8-SDI-ED is an HD-/SD-SDI embed/de-embed Mini-YGDAI card for use with compatible Yamaha professional audio equipment. The card enables you to de-embed up to two audio groups (four channels per group; total eight channels) to a host device, by selecting them from four audio groups (total 16 channels) that have been embedded into an SDI signal. This card also enables you to e
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