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ARX Iso Switcher A/B velger

ARX Iso Switcher A/B velger

XLR inn/ut
ISO SwitcherThe simplest ideas are usually the best! The new ISO Switcher is a stereo Input signal switcher for the extremely popular Audibox range.A front panel push button switch silently switches between two pairs of A or B female XLR inputs to a stereo pair of XLR male output connectors.ARX ‘SoftSwitch’ technology achieves this with no loud bangs through the audio system when switching.Typical applications include switching between Live Band or DJ when both are using the same speaker system.Note - Connectors are inserted from the top of the unit. Please allow adequate space above the ISO Switcher to allow for the connectors to be removed and / or replacedFrequency Response DC to Daylight ± 0.0dBPower Requirements NoneInput Connectors Female XLR, Wired Pin 1 Audio Ground, Pin
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