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ARX USB DI PLUS Stereo DI-boks

ARX USB DI PLUS Stereo DI-boks

Stereo DI-boks m/USB og analog inn
The   USB DI Plus is ARX's 'Second Generation' USB DI, and the first with Dual Mode audio interface - Digital and Analog.In fact, it's "Two DI's in One! "In Digital USB Mode
The USB DI Plus has an inbuilt 24 bit High Resolution digital to analog converter (DAC) which removes the need to use a Computer's existing internal sound card outputs, with their inherent noise and distortion.The USB DI Plus installs as a fully compatible generic "Plug and Play" USB audio device, requiring no special driver program installation.The USB DI Plus's DAC delivers Professional Line Level audio signals to Left and Right balanced XLR outputs.When switched to USB mode the USB DI Plus is powered via the USB cable, so no batteries or phantom power required to use it
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