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ARX Iso Balancer VC

ARX Iso Balancer VC

m/ volumkontroll, RCA inn, 2 x XLR ut
Audibox ISO Balancer VCThe NEW ISO Balancer VC still converts a stereo Unbalanced Low Impedance signal to a stereo Balanced Low Impedance signal suitable for use with professional equipment and long cable runs, but now you can reduce the output level as required for accurate level matching.Applications include:In corporate AV applications the output from a DVD player, Laptop Computer, i-Pad or other audio source can be remotely controlled externally by the ISO Balancer VC without the need to scroll through pull down menus mid performance, or access the Mixing Console, or AV system network controllers.Setting and varying DJ monitor loudspeaker levels can be problematic, since most DJ Mixers only have 1 variable master output and a non variable output. T
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