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ARX De Balance 8 Balanseringskonverter

ARX De Balance 8 Balanseringskonverter

8-kanals, bal. til ubal. konverter
ApplicationsStudio, Live Sound and Broadcast
Patch Bays
Anywhere professional balanced signals need converting to un-balanced signalsInnovation
Sooner or later there comes a time when Pro Audio Balanced outputs need to be converted to Unbalanced, to silently interface with the -10dB unbalanced inputs of consumer electronics. Distortion and noise from a mismatch at this point will be amplified throughout the system.
Now there’s a simple and straightforward solution to this problem – the all-new ARX DeBalance 8, an 8 channel audio Debalancer and Level Optimizer specifically designed to handle this critical task.
ARX’s proprietary debalancing circuits take the Balanced +4dB levels from professional audio systems and effortlessly convert t
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