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ARX MaxiDrive Linjesplitter

ARX MaxiDrive Linjesplitter

8 kanaler, aktiv, XLR inn/ut.
8 x XLR Balanced Inputs and Outputs
Channels fully linkable – 8 in, 8 out; 2 in, 4 out; through to 1 in, 8 out
15dB of Gain per channel
Individual level controls
Intuitive, 'user friendly' layout
Flawless audio performance
Applications:Driving Active self-powered Loudspeaker Arrays
These often require +4 to +10dB to reach their rated output.
Driving multiple Power Amplifiers
Conference centres
Educational facilities
Broadcast line drivingAbout the MaxiDRIVE
The ARX MaxiDrive Line Driver and Distribution Amplifier provides 8 High Current Line outputs from 8 inputs. As well, each Output can be linked to the preceding one to provide any configuration required.For example: 8 In, 8 Out, 2 x sets of 1 In, 4 Out, 1 In, 8 Out or similar can be set up simply by pressin
kr 13 195,00Pris
MVA Inkludert
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