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ARX Blue DI-boks med bluetooth

ARX Blue DI-boks med bluetooth

DI-boks m/blåtann
Blue DI Wireless Direct Box
The Professional wireless audio interface for SmartPhones, Computers and Tablets
Smart Phones and Tablets have rapidly become the audio source of choice for Corporate A.V Presentations, Seminars, System Demonstrations and Testing, Musicians, D.Js and many other audio system users.
Designed by the ARX Engineering team to fill the market niche for a wireless Active Direct Box interface, the new Blue DI connects today's (and tomorrow's) SmartPhones, Tablets and similar devices, to the Balanced Line Level Pro Audio world.
Simply place your wireless enabled SmartPhone, PC or tablet near the Blue DI, scan for 'ARX Blue DI', and then pair with it. Pull up a music file, press PLAY, and that's all there is to it!
Ultra low noise and distortion circuitr
kr 3 195,00Pris
MVA Inkludert
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