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NA Global Pulse XTSC Lysskinne, 1m hvit

NA Global Pulse XTSC Lysskinne, 1m hvit

GLOBAL Trac Pulse control is a lighting track system that includes both normal input voltage and wires for transmitting the control signal to the lights. This makes it possible to use smart control systems without central units. Of these, the DALI, DMX, LON and EIB standards are the most widely known. Various manufacturers provide control units, detectors and fixtures for the control systems. All control systems share the same goal: to transmit the control signal to individual lights using the GLOBAL Trac Pulse control's wires and to create dynamic lighting.Needs-based lighting
Dynamic lighting means that the lighting changes according to the situation and need. Lights can be turned on and off, brightened or dimmed flexibly as separate groups. This also saves energy, because lig
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