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DATEQ SPL-D2 Decibelmåler

DATEQ SPL-D2 Decibelmåler

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When connected to the SPL5 the display value is read from the SPL5 limiter. The bar can be used as a soundlevel indication bar, or as an attenuation bar.When used as a stand-alone unit the measuring microphone must be connected. The display shows the actual measured value. When the value crosses the pre-defined level the display colour switches from green to red. This can be used as an indication for a live-band. When using a measuring microphone three measuring curves can be selected:ANSI-A
These settings can be changeg using the SPL-D2 configuration software. SPL-D2:
– Large, clearly readable digits
– Can be used standalone, or as an extension of the SPL5
– Display is automatically dimmed in a dark environment
– Display-colour changes when the thresho
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