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AMC iMIX5 Sonemikser

AMC iMIX5 Sonemikser

4 inn, 5 soner
iMIX 5 zone router
Zone router with 5 stereo outputs for multi-zone audio control. iMix5 has 4 audio source inputs, which can be routed to any of 5 available outputs. Sources at individual zones can be selected by zone selector on front panel, using wall plate controller or RS232 commands. IMix5 has internal media player with USB, Bluetooth , FM receiver and AUX input. Priority input and external mute connectors for emergency audio installations.Inputs 3x Stereo phoenix line inputs; 1 x XLR mic input; 1 x RJ45 call station input
Outputs 5 x stereo phoenix; 1 x XLR for zone monitoring
Emergency relay External mute, priority audio input
Media player USB / Bluetooth / FM radio / AUX input
Phantom power +24V DC
Frequency response ±3dB 20Hz - 20kHz
Controls RS232 interface; 5 x R
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