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Yamaha MY4-AEC Ekspansjon

Yamaha MY4-AEC Ekspansjon

Acoustic echo canceller card with Yamaha
4-Channel Acoustic Echo Canceller Card for Yamaha DME64N/24N       24bit resolution, 4-in/4-out adaptive echo canceller  4x Euroblock connectors  HD sound quality  4ch feedback suppressor and noise reduction  Additional 4ch AES/EBU I/O with sampling rate converter  Easy operation with DME Designer     The MY4-AEC card provides 4 channels of acoustic echo cancellation for remote conferencing using Yamaha’s DME24N and DME64N digital mixing engines. As well as the echo cancellation function, the MY4-AEC card also offers a noise reduction function which removes steady-state background noise such as air conditioning and projector fans etc.   The card also has a feedback suppressor with 42 notch filters per channel to aid the suppression of feedback in PA
kr 37 691,25Pris
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