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JTS NXB-8M mikrofonkoffert

JTS NXB-8M mikrofonkoffert

med NX-2x1, NX-6x4, NX-7x1, NX-9x2
Mikrofon sett for trommemiking:    
     1 x NX-2 - A Low cost alternative to the Shure Beta 52, the NX-2 gives excellent value for money and high quality sound. Designed to give superb attack and punch when miking a kick drum. This Mic is already making waves in the music industry.        4 x NX-6 - Designed to have extended frequency response and wide dynamic range, the NX-6 works excellently with drums and various instruments. The outstanding directional character together with effective shock mount prevents disturbance and makes the pick-up concentrated on target sound source. User-friendly locking mount can provides optimal position for pick-up.        1 x NX-7 - The NX-7 is designed for optimal warmth and clarity. Its outstanding pick-up pattern and
kr 10 948,75Pris
MVA Inkludert
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