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JB SYSTEMS FLEX-MIX 88 Linjemikser

JB SYSTEMS FLEX-MIX 88 Linjemikser

2/7 x Input, 7/2 x Output
This ultra-multifunctional audio splitter / mixer is a true lifesaver that can be used in many different applications:
AUDIO SPLITTER with 2-inputs / 7-outputs (stereo input - 1 stereo + 6 mono outputs) 
 Possible applications are: distribution and control of audio to different zones in hotels, churches, schools, theatres, …
AUDIO MIXER with 7-inputs / 2-outputs (1 stereo + 6 mono inputs - stereo output)
 A simple but effective mixer to combine and control audio from different sources.
…other combinations are possible.
Available balanced line inputs & outputs:
1 Main Stereo line input (XLR)
1 Main Stereo line output (XLR)
6 Mono line inputs/outputs (XLR / JACK): can be used by pair to route stereo signals!
Each input / output section has its own volume control
kr 2 640,00Pris
MVA Inkludert
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