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DAD IDEA1402 Forsterker 2 x 700W @ 4ohm

DAD IDEA1402 Forsterker 2 x 700W @ 4ohm

DSP. Bridge mode 1250W @ 8 Ohm
The innovative IDEA series of amplifiers with integrated DSP of 2 or 4 channels combined in a double rack unit audio power and control. With a complete interface for DSP parameter management, they are the ideal choice for engineers, installers and anyone else.
It is also the ideal complement to the ARK and AIR series of loudspeakers.
The Bridge / 100V mode allows the use of amplifiers even for constant voltage lines.
The IDEA series is equipped with a 52-bit Analog Device DSP with a 48 kHz sampling cycle, with independent parameter control for each channel. Available preset files for ARK and AIR system versions.
Amplifier with DSP control 2x400 / 700 W 8/4 Ohm - 1250 W 8 Ohm / 100 V
Can be used for low impedance loudspeakers (min 4 Ohm), both for 1
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