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Audix M3WDK

Audix M3WDK

Dante | AES67 Microphone Kit
The M3DK is a convenient kit that pairs the Audix M3 hanging ceiling microphone with the Audix DN43 Dante | AES67 microphone interface, providing a simple to install, network-ready way to stream Audix audio performance through Ethernet networks.The M3 is an innovative, tri-element hanging microphone designed for applications where aesthetics, sound quality, and ease of installation are critical. The frequency response and polar pattern of its three phase-coherent hypercardioid capsules are tailored for voice clarity and rejection of extraneous noise. M3 FEATURES100% RF shielding and immunityVery high output, low self-noiseFrequency and pattern tailored for voice clarity and rejection of extraneous noiseEvenly dispersed sound with undetectable phaseHigh-quality
kr 31 902,50Pris
MVA Inkludert
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