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PROAUDIO MX04USB Kompaktmikser

PROAUDIO MX04USB Kompaktmikser

4 inn / 2ut, mediespiller & bluetooth
MX07USB is a versatile mixer with 4 inputs and 2 outputs. It's equipped with player that accepts FLAC WMA APE MP3 formats - with display and Bluetooth connection. It's provided with low-noise quality preamps, an effective 3-band equalizer and phantom power.Two channels can be adjusted independently and another 2 can be used as stereo channels.The master section of the mixer has 1 effect loop, balanced 6.35 mm jack outputs, monitor outputs, as well as a headphone connection. MX07USB is also equipped with RCA connectors for recording devices.Features:
Channels: 7 input - 2 output
Media player: MP3 FLAC WMA APE player - Bluetooth
Effects: Reverber
Phantom power: 48 V
Phone output: 350 mW
60 mm fader MIXER
Channels: 7 input - 2 output
Mic input: Balanced
kr 2 096,25Pris
MVA Inkludert
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