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ARX i-Switch Linjevelger

ARX i-Switch Linjevelger

2 x TRS inn til 10 x TRS ut.
Individually testing or demonstrating multiple powered speakers or similar devicesInnovation
The iSwitch is a unique precision piece of test equipment, being able to individually send a choice of two program sources to 10 pairs of powered loudspeakers, making it ideal for batch testing or demonstrating.
i-Switch front detail
For example, Channel A could have Pink Noise or a sine wave, and Channel B program material. Select either Input A or B and just toggle between the two. Interlocking switches prevent more than one Input being selected at a time.Interlocking switches also prevent more than one Output pair being selected at a time, so that each Output pair can be stepped through by pressing the subsequent switch. A status LED shows which output i
kr 8 670,00Pris
MVA Inkludert
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