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AUDIOPHONY MIXtouch8 lydkort

AUDIOPHONY MIXtouch8 lydkort

Mic inputs: 4 on XLR chassis + 2 on combo chassis• Line input: Stereo Jack 6.35 and mini Jack 3.5• Master output: 1 on 2 XLR chassis• AUX output: 2 on 2 6.35 Jack chassis• Footswitch: 2 on 2 6.35 Jack 6.35• Pre-listening: 1 on Jack 6.35 Technical specifications• Line input impedance: 3KO• Line input impedance: 20KO• Output impedance: 470O• Impedance of the headphone output: 100O• Residual bus noise: -90dBU• Maximum bus power: +18dBU• Maximum voltage gain: 80dB input to output• Dynamic range: 106dBU (20Hz~20kHz)• AD / DA: 24 bits max / 192kHz• Signal processing: 40-bit floating-point processor• Signal latency: <1.8msec input to output• Phantom power supply: 48V, each channel can be switched individually• Crosstalk(@1KHz): -85 dB• USB interface: 2 USB2.0 interface, maximum 32G supp
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